Monday, May 4, 2009

Metaphorical Altar

I think my altar would have...

-The past, present, and future line-up of artists and exhibitions at the Temporäre Kunsthalle 

-A video of the goings-on on the island that the Kunsthalle shares with the Evangelical Cathedral 

-The guest books from some of the 200+ new galleries in different districts in Berlin

-Cut-out reviews from local papers/magazines regarding gallery exhibitions and news reports dealing with those exhibitions that stirred controversy

-Photographs of the studios of local and international artists 

-Photographs of graffiti/posters/ informal art throughout the city and places like the Tacheless Art Cooperative

Recently, I was reading an article in ARTnews about the rapidly rising status of Berlin on the international art scene and the explosion of new galleries in the past few years. Mostly, I hope to explore the role(s) of contemporary art galleries in shaping new national and, perhaps more importantly, transnational identities in Berlin. I am interested in the messages sent by the inclusion or exclusion of material from collections in the different areas of the city, as well as hopeful/humorous/ugly/hidden/ issues that have been brought to the surface through art exhibition formally and informally. 

This is super broad and I am still working on forming a more concise research concept and ideas for methods, but I'd love to go in this kind of direction. 

Also- slight correction to the email Julie sent- I am actually going to be studying Museology at UW next year, although I applaud all those who study music :)

Ok, cheers, more later...

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    I've been meaning to blog and suggest that you meet up with a few artists while in Berlin. They were/are part of a community art collective and produced DAS VERMOGEN DER KUNST. Manuela knows them well (and was part of the group). Also, we can also set you up with some other people... more on this in another posting.