Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Edge of Heaven

So, I watched the film twice, and during both viewings I was totally captivated by it- although I think I understood more the second time through. 

I think it was a great movie choice in terms of beginning to think about contemporary political borders and boundaries in Germany, divides in points of view among different generations, and issues of immigration. The complexities of the characters' personalities and the relationships between them created a multitude of encounters and confrontations that gave a window into many different perspectives on such issues. 

In the "making of the edge of heaven," Fatih Akin was explaining that originally he had written the encounters of the two Turkish men and the mother (Yeter) as confrontations with angry pimps rather than over ideological or nationalistic issues. That was surprising to me, because it stuck out as an interesting dynamic- I'm glad he changed it. 

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