Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Personal Resolution:

Take a week’s vacation (Spring Break) from the internet.

Adbusters’ Digital Detox week is April 21-26, but I figure I’ll need the interweb more during that time, for work and class and the hustle-bustle. Must also admit, I do like the idea of relishing my hiatus while everyone else is still plugged in.

Just fatigued by: hundreds of copies of digital, pixilated versions of art flying by me every day.

I’m planning to spend time… a lot of time… looking at individual pieces of art, individual sections of photographs, individual brushstrokes. Watching bugs make tiny, strenuous journeys and letting flavors rest idly on my tongue (eating while rushing somewhere or during a ten-minute break will not occur).

And reading individual sentences. Words.

I’ve been troubled by my waning ability to retain anything. It’s not chronic indolence- a need to speed up, do more, see more. I need to slow down. Look longer.

We learn the most when we are kids, before we forget how enchanting everything is. Or, maybe, before we forget how to let everything enchant us. My mom told me that when I was a little tot, I could sit on the living room floor for hours, fascinated by a single strand of yarn in the carpet.

The things I’d give up to return to the flashes of connections and experiments buzzing in my little, bald head- definitely include a week of internet.

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