Wednesday, September 30, 2009

postkarten and zwischenraumnutzung

Our last group dinner was: awful celery soup, a main course of your, and citrusy creme brulee; a couple cigarette breaks with Adam, Tobi, Shanga, and Daniel once. Manuela gave me a postcard of Pariser Platz in 1930... huh. Tobi said, "The thirties... a great time for Germany." I remember
when Tobi said, "Let's hope nothing happens, our Chancelor is on holiday," and "A transparent building doesn't mean a transparent government...maybe." I like that Tobi is so cheeky.

When I stepped out of the restaurant, it was hotter than before. I spotted Anna playing patty-cake... because she is overwhelmingly adorable. I got in on some Miss Mary Mack and Miss Suzie had a Tugboat. Molly, Kelsi and I sing every word. Miss Suzie doesn't care where you grew up or went to grade school.

After leaving the Kunsthalle and wandering around the former Palast der Republik- "Are these the plans or the old layout?"- We saw Manuela riding her bike East on Unter den Linden. She hopped down and stuck her helmet under her arm to have a chat on the side of the road, naturally. After telling us about her plans to have a toast to Shawn's b-day and gift him a Kreuzberg 36 t-shirt, we told her of ours to see Public Enemies. It was kind of dreadful.

Tobi greeted us and asked Adam if he had started to develope some "habits." Fridey and Natz sit the front of the room infront of a screen flashing random party scenes and snow angel home videos. I feel more inclined to speak up today, and Fridey is so approachable. Maybe an hour later we are standing outside and being invited to an art opening that is meant to be quite "rock and roll." We end up almost not going, but rally with beer and burgers at a hostel that we think is close and has internet, so we can be sure. Fridey greets us and sees us off with a double-kiss.

It was Sunday, and I had time, so I wanted to buy some more groceries. I remembered Manuela's tip about the Lid'l at Ostbahnof. I gathered up loads of glass bottles in a big plastic shopping bag and my Quay COOP bag and headed toward Kopinicker. I had dinner (pasta) plans for the evening. When I got back it was later than I'd expected. My dinner plans fell through for Skype.

*These are done with tracing paper, by the way- no harm to the originals

Kiki Blofeld last night, after waiting for John and Muhammed, calling every option of final digit for someone's number and hanging up on several "Hallo?"s, and finally collecting Muhammed, who was weary of our dark, used car lot turned wooded trail route. Then sitting on the water, eating some Ritter Sport and watching Bar 25 across the river. The raft from the party boat garage floats by and... someone definitely falls off.

I found some old postmaked postcards today during a little wait to go into the Pergamon. One is of the Neptune fountain by Alexanderplats and the cutting-off-your-fingers-for-forgiveness-riddle church, another of the Berliner Dom, and another of a GDR tower. At the desk, it becomes apparent I signed my museum pass when I wasn't supposed to. After spending ages in the museum, half-wishing I had gone to the football match, and laying on a big white block in the sun talking to a friend on the phone, I realized I had spent almost 11 euro of credit on the conversation.

I stood in line and ordered a cappuccino and chocolate croissant. It was sort of rainy finally, and we were waiting to go into a bunker that I didn't know was inside the Ubahn station. I rolled something like a cigarette. A woman nearly ran into John on her bicycle- that had already happened to me, minus the nearly part. "She had crazy-eyes." I thought the subway here seemed exceptionally deep.

I got lost on my way to move into the apartment. I had just taken almost the entire U2, from Kaiserdamm to Markisches Museum after getting off my bus from Giessen. A man asked me, "Kann ich sie helfen...something something?" I said, "I think I'm good," and then cringed. I had just walked past Kaisers and was standing next to Saint Michael's and above Engelbecken. All I wanted to do was sleep. I got a call to go grocery shopping.

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