Monday, June 8, 2009

Some kind of outline-like summary

So- here are some the of basic, thematic topics and questions I have for my research subject. 

Also, here is a kind of cool video/series of slides about Tacheles from the perspective a few of the artists and women who works on public relations.

The city as performance- museum as performance- the city as museum.

The many verbs of Tacheles: cinema, performance art, dance/music, evolving appearance

Tacheles as a potential working example of the city as a form of museum/ or I guess also potentially an example/evidence of the contrary

Preservation- different kinds of preservation/monumentalization.

            Preservation of: physical state/material/appearance; function; story, etc.

            Challenge of maintaining function with government participation/funding

            Challenge of not romanticizing the old squatter days

Gallery vs. informal artwork validity

Different types of contemporary and historical artwork in Tacheles and on streets vs. in galleries and museums

Perhaps a kind of dialectical relationship between the two

Cooptation (or threat thereof) Tacheles by mainstream society- Donatella Versace inspiration, tourism, corporate ties/relationships?, government

            Identity and internationalism

                        Culture of internationalism in Tacheles in/around 1989 vs. today

Anti-consumerism as an international movement (Global Justice Movement, etc.) as active in Tacheles


Main questions:

            -What is being preserved at Tacheles and how/why?

-Is it possible to preserve the purpose of “speaking honestly/straightforwardness” often out against the government when the government is involved in supporting the institution?

-What actions are being taken to preserve this function: petitions, political action, legal action, protest?

-What alternative functions are facilitated by Tacheles intentionally or otherwise?

-What reasons for failing to renew/continue the “lease” does the company cite for doing so?

-Who does Tacheles seem to be significant to/for or have the greatest influence on?

            Artists displaying work there/ living there/ being inspired there

            Locals: age groups, socioeconomic group, ethnicities


            Culture of internationalism/ global justice activism

-What does the case of Tacheles- specifically now/in the context of the uncertainty about its future- add to the discussion of new understandings of historic preservation


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